Backlash // Sculptural Paint

Backlash, Sculptural Painting, 2016, Stéphanie Kilgast
Backlash, Sculptural Painting, 2016, Stéphanie Kilgast

What a dramatic title! It is the title of my latest and almost first sculptural painting.
Yes, it’s a big change in my work, which bears a lot of extra questions, but more on that in a future post.

If you’d rather take the art in without any explanation, just skip the text between the dashes.
Art should be free of explanations for anyone, and I believe that once it’s done, it should be left to the viewer.
That being said, as an artist, I like to understand (sometimes) where the art is coming from.

Backlash is made out of two panels that overlap.
The panel in front is bursting with energy, symbolized by crystals that grow from mere paint to big chunks. The crystals symbolize the artistic energy and creativity, and as the ideas grow and take shape, they crystallize in something real and tangible.
The panel underneath is black with vertical dashes in hues of blue. Some crystallized tears appear. (exactly seven – a prime number, I have a fascination for science)
This very dark panel represents the depression that follows a burst of creative energy, when I fall down a pit.
It is necessary for my brain to recharge, but it is also a bit unsettling and well… sad.
Yet, this depression is key for the cycle to begin again, so the dark panel finishes with a burst of teal blue that is the point of origin of the growing crystals.

The paint is done now, but still needs some varnishing, so it can’t be for sale just yet.
Also, I made a few sketches of other sculptural paintings, around the theme of emotions and contrast.
I want to have a little serie of 5 or 6 (more or less) before putting them in the world.
It’s likely I’ll try to sell them on an online art gallery or maybe find a local art gallery. This is all still very new to me, and although I have a vague idea on how to approach this, I’m likely going to fail a few times before finding the perfect approach to my work.

thank you for coming with me on this exciting journey!

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