Colorful Jewelry

Cluster Earrings, Stephanie Kilgast
Cluster Earrings, Stephanie Kilgast


Today I’m very excited to share with you my latest jewelry!
I have been working the last days and especially this week-end to make this small collection!
I have been making cute beetle studs, cluster growth earrings and small mushroom brooches!
Most of these are easily customizable, so if you would like these in a different color or shape, don’t hesitate to contact me.
You can buy all jewelry directly from me on my website.

I very much hope you’ll love these 🙂

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Hello Sunshine!

Hello Sunshine 2018, Mixed Media Sculpture, Stephanie Kilgast
Hello Sunshine 2018, Mixed Media Sculpture, Stephanie Kilgast

I just finished a new sculpture featuring the cutest tiniest bright yellow giraffe!
The animal is emerging from a dripping bottle of cadmium yellow acrylic bottle.
I had this empty bottle sitting around in my art studio for months, knowing I wanted to transform it into a sculpture.
A few weeks ago I posted my pink bear sculpture on instagram, asking which animals I should sculpt next.
I wrote all suggestions down and when I saw the word “giraffe”, I knew it was a perfect fit for this particular bottle.

There is more trash to be transformed into art coming up, this series really tickles my imagination!

This sculpture is a little difficult to photograph for some reasons, so no art print yet, I hope I can manage a better picture soon!

And of course this artwork is available, you can find it in my shop.


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Ahoy, 2018, Mixed Media Sculpture, Stephanie Kilgast
Ahoy, 2018, Mixed Media Sculpture, Stephanie Kilgast

The sculpture is available (for now) and you can get art prints of it.

Hey folks!

I finished my latest sculpture “Ahoy” yesterday, what better timing than World Environment Day to talk about plastic pollution in our oceans. This sculpture uses a white plastic bottle as a base, from which corals and penguins are growing, navigating the bottle as if it where a ship. It refers to the current environmental crisis we are facing, especially plastic pollution.


Plastic pollution is a huge issue these days, yet it’s easy to implement small changes to use a lot less plastic in our daily lives.
Here a few ideas to ponder about :

  • use reusable fabric bags when shopping, specifically ask for no bag at groceries, bakeries or even clothing shops and put everything in your own bag
  • drink tap water if you can, drink less (or no!) soft drinks
  • say no to straws when you get a drink outside
  • pick up trash in nature when you see it
  • recycle the waste you create

To go further in lessening your overall environmental impact :

  • consume less or no animal products (why, though?)
  • buy local
  • buy in bulk
  • cook from scratch and buy less (or no) prepared dishes
  • change your plastic toothbrush for a biodegradable bamboo one
  • use a menstrual cup for your menstruations
  • repair your clothes
  • buy second hand clothing if needed
  • learn about zero waste lifestyle but also vegan lifestyle

What about your art studio?

  • replace paper towels with fabric towels
  • use your trash as art supply, get creative!
  • use your supplies until the end
  • don’t throw away failures, but save them for future artworks, maybe you can paint over? or dismantle and create something new!
  • use the art supplies you have and don’t buy the same ones again (paper, I am looking at you!)

If everyone does its part, we can turn the current crisis around!


p.s.: All my recent artwork and art prints are also finally available in my shop!




Sunrise, Tin Can Sculpture, 2018, Stephanie Kilgast
Sunrise, Tin Can Sculpture, 2018, Stephanie Kilgast

Hello There!

I finished a new sculpture, which I named “Sunrise”, I really like to play around with the concept of trash, oil spill and nature emerging of it despite everything else. Sunrise refers to the colors but also to a hopeful future, as without hope, there’s nothing left.

Like the sculpture “Poison d’Art” and “Persephone”, they are soon going to be available on my website.
If you subscribe to my newsletter, you’ll be the first informed. I hope to get them ready next week!

I also currently am preparing prints! Which I am very excited about! So stay tuned for that!


Sunrise, Tin Can Sculpture, 2018, Stephanie Kilgast
Sunrise, Tin Can Sculpture, 2018, Stephanie Kilgast

Learn with Me!

Teaching at Polymer Clay Week, Pilsen
Teaching at Polymer Clay Week, Pilsen

Exciting news!
The registrations are open for the class I will be teaching in October, in Pilsen!
You can register for my full day class here.
In case you’d like to take other classes, you can check them out here.

and if you just want to read an interview I gave, here you go 🙂

I will be teaching how to make these fun insects with colorful growth. It will be such a fun class and I always encourage students to pick the colors and shapes they like best!
Don’t wait too long, places are limited and I rarely teach in real life.

In case you’d rather buy these sculptures and art jewelry, some of them are still available in my shop.