Play & Fear

Mushroom Composition #2 (Rainbow), Watercolor Painting, 2018, Stephanie Kilgast
Mushroom Composition #2 (Rainbow), Watercolor Painting, 2018, Stephanie Kilgast

Lately I have been doing a lot of watercolor paintings.
There are very enjoyable for me to do.
There’s not much thinking.
Mostly lines and colors.
Sometimes I fail.
Sometimes I succeed.
I would say they are pretty.
Some of them are more “in line” with my current sculptural series of growth on objects.
Growth on buildings.
Growth in halls.
Growth on walls.
But sometimes, the watercolors are just…
And so I am afraid of sharing them.
They seem too little.
Too easy.
Too pointless.
I enjoy making them,
which as a whole should be
But the gaze of others is always looming.
Some artists,
on top of making beautiful art,
use their artwork to teach about the natural world (Tiffany Bozic)
Are engaged for crucial matters (the dying of corals with Courtney Coral)
Talk about emotional and mental issues (Christina Mrozik)
And so I feel my work is never enough.
Especially the paintings.
But play is important.
And they make me happy.
So I do them anyway.
Despite the doubts.


If you like these paintings, you’ll find them here.
You’ll also find prints and more on society6 and redbubble.


Cyltonic, 2018, Mixed Media Sculpture on Can, Stephanie Kilgast
Cyltonic, 2018, Mixed Media Sculpture on Can, Stephanie Kilgast

Hey folks!

I am back from the Czech Republic since this week-end so I was finally able to finish this sculpture.
I found this cleaning agent can on a flea market last summer. I am pretty sure that I paid way too much for something that is basically just trash, but hey, what you don’t do for art!
Since the colors of the can are very dominant, I simply went with that bicolor composition and created a crazed mushroom and corals growth on top.
I kept things simple, with just a few shapes that I repeated over and over, as I did want to compliment the can in a way and not distract from it.

This sculpture is currently available and you can find it in my shop.

I also made this time lapse video of the sculpting process for my youtube channel, which you might want to check out!

I hope I can find the time to go through the pictures of my recent travels, as they have been quite inspiring to my work, especially Prague.

Inktober 2018

Poisonous, Inktober #1, 2018, Stephanie Kilgast
Poisonous, Inktober #1, 2018, Stephanie Kilgast


This year, I decided to take part of the yearly art challenge “Inktober“!
If you’ve never heard about it, it is a daily art challenge that runs through October.
It’s been created by artist Jake Parker and has run since then. Every year new artists join the fun and there’s also a prompt list to get you going.
The idea is to create an ink drawing everyday in order to become better at drawing with ink.
Of course, nowadays many use watercolors or other media.

Below you can see my painting uncolored, as pure ink, and also this year’s prompt list!
If you want to join into the fun, all you have to do is make a drawing, post it on social media and hastag with #inktober and #inktober2018 !


Will the original paintings be sold?

YES! I will put up the original paintings up for sale when it’s over, so on November 1st!
Be sure to subscribe to my newsletter, so you don’t miss that!

Are you going to have prints?

Yup! Most likely going to at least put these on my society6 and redbubble shop. But bear with me, plenty of work right now, so you’ll have to be a little patient!

I love these paintings! Can you make a custom one for me?

Sure! Just get in touch and tell me what you’d like, the size and your price range and we’ll work something out!

Ok! that’s pretty much it!
If you’ll excuse me, I have a custom painting to make, yaaay!



Bee Disappearance

Bee Disappearance, 2018, Watercolor on Paper, Stephanie Kilgast
Bee Disappearance, 2018, Watercolor on Paper, Stephanie Kilgast

I finished a new watercolor painting for the wild bees series I am currently (rather loosely) working on.
You can buy it here. I hope to make nice prints of this one as well.

As you probably know, wild bees (and not just honey bees) are currently dying out. This is mostly due to our activities, that have dramatically changed the climate, but also the excessive amount of pesticides that we use for crops.
Insects are often seen as the ugly, freaky, slimy, alien little crawlers that annoy us more than anything else. But insects are much more useful to this planet than any other animals.
Thanks to them, we have earth and not just garbage all around the planet.
Flowers transform into edible fruit.
They are also a great source of food for other animals, and at the bottom of the food chain.
If they go, we loose. All of us.
Insects are key to a healthy ecosystem.
The so called “pest” actually keep a forest healthy as well, as in a healthy, biodiverse forest with many different trees and plants, they keep certain plants to overthrow others.
It is a subtle balance, that we currently just recklessly destroy.
We are all responsible, be the change you’d like to see and others will follow.
It’s never too late to extinguish a fire.


Mush Love

Radical Mycology Convergence, 2018
Radical Mycology Convergence, 2018

Hey folks!

Like with the “eating insects” conference, (which I realize I haven’t much talked about…) I have been contacted by the “radical mycology convergence” organizer to send my work in for their art show “Mush Love“.
So these are the three sculptures they picked (from what I currently have at home) and that I am sending out to them.
If you are interested in mushrooms, go see the art show and maybe check out their conferences as well!

I think they’ll also be up for sale, but honestly can’t recall right that minute.
If you live around Oregon, USA, go see the show for me and send me pictures 🙂