Environmental Day 2020

Nature Doesn't Produce Trash, Ink and Watercolor Painting, Stephanie Kilgast, 2020
Nature Doesn’t Produce Trash, Ink and Watercolor Painting, Stephanie Kilgast, 2020


Next to the usual biodiversity collapse Earth is experiencing and the pandemic, racism has crept back quite viciously. Or rather, there was a tipping point where the people decided not to stay silent anymore in face of racial discrimination and absurd death. As a society we need to care about and respect everyone, no matter their origins.If we are not even able to care about our own species, how are we ever going to care about all the rest of nature?

If you’d like to read more about Black Lives Matter and understand the issues at stake, they have a great website.


But today is Environmental Day and climate change is an urgent issue.
This year theme is biodiversity, if you’d like to read more about it, here the United Nation’s website about that topic
The United Nations have also made a PDF with a lot of different ressources for you to read.

As individuals, you can change your lifestyle as following:

  • inform yourself about best environmental practices
  • buy consciously : repair before buying, buy what is necessary, buy second hand, buy ethical and check how something was made, where it was made and so on
  • eat less (or no) meat, more on that in this post I wrote
  • use your own bags when shopping
  • buy local as much as you can
  • cook from scratch and avoid industrial foods, most industrial foods are heavily packaged for little health benefits.
  • travel less and avoid planes
  • replace harsh cleaning chemicals with castille soap, baking soda and vinegar to clean your home
  • donate to conservation organizations. You can now find websites that rate charities so you’re sure to give your money to the right ones. You can use Charity Watch or Charity Navigator for instance.
    I like the charity “Conservation International” because it’s not just one part of the world. It thrives to work a bit everywhere where needed.

If you have anything to add to this list, please comment below!

Hope you are all safe and sound!

Here a video of the process of making “Nature Doesn’t Produce Trash” and talking about the subject

Ocean Acidification

Ocean Acidification, Ink and Watercolor Painting, Stephanie Kilgast, 2020
Ocean Acidification, Ink and Watercolor Painting, Stephanie Kilgast, 2020

Ocean Acidification

I am currently working with Pangeaseed Foundation on a future print to release at the end of the year for ocean conservation.

I offered to make three different paintings and to let people choose their favorites at the end. Here is the first in some more muted colors.

Ocean acidification happens excessive CO2 production is absorbed by oceans making them more acidic.
This is destroying reef beyond salvaging, when the oceans become more acidic they start to dissolve anything that is bony. That includes of course the base structure of coral reefs. Corals are a symbiosis of a bone-like structure and some algae. The algae leaves the coral when the oceans are getting warmer, but they can come back if the temperature goes back down.
However with acidification the damage is far worse as the structure itself is weakened.

Read more about it:

– International Union for the Conservation of Nature – Issues Brief

– Smithsonian Institution

– National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration – Ocean acidification

– The Ocean is Getting More Acidic – National Geographic

Coloring Page

I made this painting into a coloring page as well for you to enjoy and maybe ponder about ocean acidification with your kids or friends.
Many of us are still self isolating and I don’t think life is going to go back to whatever it used to be so fast, so here a small gift from me to keep you occupied.

Rainbow Bottles

Rainbow Bottles, Mixed Media on Plastic Bottle, 2020, Stephanie Kilgast
Rainbow Bottles, Mixed Media on Plastic Bottle, 2020, Stephanie Kilgast

Hello everyone!

It’s been a while that I haven’t posted about new finished artworks.
Since the rainbow room I painted last year at dédale, I have been putting a lot more time and effort in each artwork, because I realized, that is the most precious thing an artist can offer to the world, its time.

Since the beginning of the year, well actually last year, I have been working on these very bright candy like colored plastic bottles.
At the core, this series is about plastic pollution and the biggest myth of our societies: plastic is never green.
When you recycle it you always have to add new fresh plastic to it, so it can’t be a closed loop.
Also plastic can only be recycled a few times, after that it looses its structure too much.

As a general rule of thumb, packaging is always a bit of an issue and should be kept to a minimum or avoided if possible.
Even with actually eco-friendly packaging materials, you still need a lot of energy and ressources to make the packaging and then still a lot of energy to recycle it.

It always makes be a bit sad when brands spend so much energy, time, effort and materials on pretty packaging instead of keeping it at a minima and spending time making their product ethical and sustainable. But this is just how mad our world is.


The black bottle had a bit of an accident, so I will have to repair it or just keep it to myself.
I’m working on darker more muted tones right now, so it will fit nicely in my next art update.
The orangutan and octopus are being send today to Beinart Gallery for their upcoming group show “Small Works”.
The three others are available amont other available artworks.


I am fine, are you?


Earth Day – 50th Anniversary

Candi(e)d Watch, Sculpture, 2017, Artwork by Stéphanie Kilgast
Candi(e)d Watch, Sculpture, 2017, Artwork by Stéphanie Kilgast

For the 50th anniversary of #EarthDay 🌍
I dug out “Candi(e)d Watch”, 2017. 👁️🌻🌼👀
In this one, nature is watching us, humans, as our history unravels.
It feels more true now, with the Covid-19 crisis, than ever.
In these uncertain times, when systemic change is forced upon us, the question remains.
Will we be able to choose a path that is sustainable and socially just ?

We certainly live at a historic moment but we have to be as watchful as ever at what is going to be implemented. This is not a time to be dormant about it. Revolutions always start at the bottom and governments are nothing without the support of the base.

We need a green revolution, a social one and an economic one. The whole system is currently being teared down and building a new one back up, especially in a time of crisis, is bound to be complex and will take a few years. but it might just be the nudge to gear towards a better world.

While we might rejoice in the end of our current madness, we should not let our guards down and be careful at what we do next. —–
Don’t forget that the notion of economy is only an intellectual and societal construct, however natural ressources are a reality. 🌍


Color Me!

Color Me! Whale Oil Extraction Ink Drawing, Stephanie Kilgast, 2020
Color Me! Whale Oil Extraction Ink Drawing, Stephanie Kilgast, 2020

Hello everyone!

In face of the covid-19 pandemic, many countries are currently on lockdown.
In face of these uncertain and stressful times, and like many other artists, I decided to offer a coloring page to lift your spirits.

Whatever your situation, I sincerely hope you and your loved ones are alright.

This drawing is inspired by the place I worked in when I was in London for a little less than two months (more on that in a future post!)
Trinity Buoy Wharf. I walked past this place every time I went to the studio.

I made two versions, one A4 and one A3.
You never know, maybe some of you are on the creative side and own an A3 printer!

I truly hope this little page will bring you some joy.