I Scream for Nature

I Scream for Nature, 2019, mixed media sculpture on thrifted plastic ice cup, Stephanie Kilgast
I Scream for Nature, 2019, mixed media sculpture on thrifted plastic ice cup, Stephanie Kilgast

Hello there!

A while ago, I went thrift shopping with a friend who needed a desk lamp.
For me, thrift shopping means finding the most surprising things that I could sculpt onto.
I found a lot of fun stuff, and among those an object that seemed to come straight out of a barbie house: a pink ice cream cup.
I am not going to lie… my friend and I found it super ugly… But at a second thought and at the same time, our gazes crossed and I went back to get it.

Often, the things I thrift lie around in my art studio among trash for a while, until I know what to do with them.
And while I was rummaging through some old sculptures of mine, I stumbled upon these jellyfishes I made in 2016. (yikes, times flies!)
I never did anything with them, because the colors were just too flashy for my liking. So they were just waiting patiently at the back of a drawer.
Until some of them met the pink cup!

And a few weeks later, this sculpture was born. You can see more pictures and details here.
For now, I am keeping it for the London Art Fair:

The Other Art Fair, London
4-7 July
Handyside Canopy, King’s Cross

However, it might still be available after the fair, especially if I decide not to take it with me. If you are interested, the best is to subscribe to my art collector newsletter, that way you’ll be informed when it is available.


The Other Art Fair

Arc, 2019, mixed media sculpture on trash, Stephanie Kilgast
Arc, 2019, mixed media sculpture on trash, Stephanie Kilgast

Hey there!

It’s been a long time I haven’t updated my blog!
Like with everything, the longer the wait, the less you know what to write about. Does it even still make sense to talk about certain experiences or travels after a while?
Are you interested in knowing how the shows went? I suppose yes.
Currently, most of my life and art career update go in my patreon newsletter

That being said, I am taking the time to write today for two perfectly good reasons.
The first is a finished sculpture, Arc, which you can see just above and below.
I used an empty paint can that I finished while doing the mural painting at Dédale in Vannes. (more on that later!)
I used mostly epoxy clay and paint and I really do like that material. It’s not as “easy” to sculpt as polymer clay, but I like the air dry capacity of it. I also bought other air dry clays with little or no plastic in them but haven’t yet tried them. I am a wimp when it comes to trying out new materials.

The second reason is a much more exciting one for me and is already in the title of this post.
My work has been accepted to “the Other Art Fair” in London! And they work with Saatchi *___*
It’s the third time I try to participate, and against all odds, I got accepted!!
The show is beginning of July, so clearly I have not too much time to get ready for the show!
I currently am still working on three other sculptures and have decided not to add any of these new ones to my shop before the art show. I might also bring some of my framed watercolors, unless they get sold until then.
I want to be sure to have enough of artworks to present there.

If you happen to be in London beginning of July here the details

The Other Art Fair, London
4-7 July
Handyside Canopy, King’s Cross

Ok! That’s about it!
Hopefully I get to update the blog a little more next week, I do have some topics I’d like to talk about, but I’m buried under sculptural work these days!


Dubai | -Ing Creatives

Preparation for the Artist Market in D3, Dubai
Preparation for the Artist Market in D3, Dubai

I will be showing some of my artwork and also art prints at a small artist market in the designer district D3, in Dubai, with -Ing Creatives.
The market will be held on Thursday the 11th, Friday the 12th and Saturday the 13th of April.

Below the original artwork that I am sure to take with me.
I might decide to grab more if I have space left in my luggage.

I will have plenty of art prints with me as well.
If you happen to live in the area, come by and say hi! 🙂


Talents de Femme

Sculptures, Stéphanie Kilgast

I will be with tons of my work at a local art show here in Vannes, France this weekend.
Here some pictures on o-how the booth is going to look like.
I’ll also have plenty of framed watercolors!

If you happen to be around, come by and say hi 🙂

Je vais participer à “Talents de Femme” ce weekend, à Vannes.
Voici quelques images de comment mes sculptures vont être présentées.
Je vais également avoir beaucoup d’aquarelles encadrées.
Si vous êtes de la région, venez me voir et dîtes coucou! 🙂


Exhibition in Shanghai

Hello everyone!

Three of my sculptures are going to be exhibited in Shanghai!
It is part of the Sunny Art Prize 2018. “Ahoy” and “Poison D’Art” were finalists for that prize.
3Poison d’Art” sold so is being replaced by not one but two other sculptures, “Tropical” and “Sunrise”.
I would love to be there, it’s a city I have visited twice in the past and that I quite like, especially the food!

If you happen to live in Shanghai or nearby, don’t miss the exhibition!
I will be among other artists and the three artworks that will join them are below.