2 gone :( and some jewelry

I saw I’ve lost two followers… that’s so sad!
Ok I know I’m a very bad blogger and hardly talk about myself but still! It’s always sad to loose someone (even if you don’t know who you’ve lost)

Today, I was a the local craft store and they’ve got a promotion running on the 2 things I wanted to buy: fimo clay AND porcelain painting! I love those days when everything (or almost, don’t forget I’ve lost 2 followers!!) goes well!
I’m currently working on charlotte cakes and made some muffins/cupcakes.

I’m planning on working on fish right now, I opened all the tutorials I know from cdhm.org and also my all time favorite book from Angie Scarr!
Yeah and I’m just writing which means I’m not working!!

Here some jewelry I currently have in my shop (just so that you know :D)

Oh and I should translate all this too >I’m so lazy!<

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