2016 + Abstraction

Etudes Abstraites n°1, Stephanie Kilgast
Etudes Abstraites n°1, Stephanie Kilgast

Happy New Year!
May your new year be filled with joy, love, delicious food and creativity 🙂
If you must do a list of resolutions,
decide on health, happiness and more time spend doing what you love.

For 2016, I decided on a new artistic challenge. I actually already started it, but hey, who’s keeping track of details?
After 8 years of hyperrealistic miniature food sculptures, I’m diving into my long lasting love for abstraction.

Abstract Art Challenge

// Improve my painting skills
As I haven’t painted on a regular basis since 2004, when I did one year of art university, I’m challenging myself to daily (weekday) painting. It’s unlikely I’ll finish one painting per day, but painting will be integrated in my daily working schedule.

// Find a New Road
Sculpting miniature food has been fun, but my last project, the dailyminiveggie challenge felt like a finishing point. I have talked about the link between food and the environment and sculpted food of all shapes and forms. I also found my love for art in the process again.
As I am a bit at a loss at what to do next, abstract painting comes in, with (for me) the very organic “mindless” brush strokes. It feels like playing and I want to do that right now.

Follow the abstract studies over on the dedicated tumblr : Etudes Abstraites.

Fear of the Unknown

I perfectly understand that many of you won’t like this project/challenge. And I apologize for robbing you of your time.
It is impossible for me to say where I am headed with this, as the project is mainly a way for me to connect with my inner creativity, in the hope to find how to grow from here.
As I still earn my money from my minifood jewelry, I won’t stop the sculpting.
Ideally I’d like to find a way to combine sculptures and paintings in a coherent way.

I honestly am clueless 😀 So, bear with me… or don’t, in any case, have a fun year 🙂


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