Happy Artsy 2017


Cow'cinelle, Cow/Ladybug, Sculpture, 2017
Cow’cinelle, Cow/Ladybug, Sculpture, 2017

Long time no see!
I wish you all a happy new year 2017! May you find health, satisfaction and love 🙂

A “lucky” thing happened to me, my smartphone decided to stop functioning (it’s repaired now!) so I was without a smartphone on holidays. BEST thing ever. I did take my laptop (yes that makes no sense but wait a second) so I could play the SIMS 4 (see, makes sense now!) and completely ignored social media until January.
Awesome. You should try it, you’ll see that you don’t actually really need to share every bit of your life and work. Shocking, I know.

Which brings me to an important resolution I took : cut down on my internet use and social media.
So far it’s been great!

Another important resolution : take my chance at being a full time artist, and stop the artisan related work. Working in a repetitive way is killing me and has been robbing my energy for the last two years, it has also prevented me from truly focusing on my artwork and in the 2 first weeks of 2017, I realize how much more I can achieve if I only do that : art. So 2017 will be the year I succeed at being a full time artist. I have no plan B, so it will just have to work out somehow.
Youtube is a nice crutch and if you care, you can help me out even more over at Patreon. But watching, liking, sharing and commenting youtube videos (without using adblock!) is a huge help as well! 🙂


My artwork is available, prices are official and out there, you can check my artwork out in my shop, or if you feel it’s safer, on Saatchi. If you want to help me out, go on Saatchi, and favorite my work ^^ I’m sure I’ll get noticed faster that way, and since some of my artwork is pricey, it would help a great deal, thank you!

I worked hard to get the prices right considering the time involved, the size, skills and the charges and taxes I’ll have to pay when I sell them. Honestly it’s hell.

Here the three types of artworks I’m working on these days:


The “growth” series of sculptural painting is turning mostly in botanical abstract art. I can’t define it more, I’m just drawn to natural shapes of plants, mushrooms and minerals disposed in geometric ways. These artworks take a long time to come together, as every bit is sculpted individually and then fixed on an (homemade) MDF canvas that is also painted in acrylics. I usually never really know where I’m going with those either, which makes them longer to make. It’s starts with an vague idea, a color envy and then evolves and grows. This is also why I love that word “growth” as it describes this series in so many ways, the actual growth of the sculptures on the abstract background, and my own creative growth.


“Pop surrealism” is a figurative, narrative art with a funny (or cynical) surrealistic twist that emphasizes on skills and is therefore very technical.
I’ve been working on that style for a while, but unknowingly, with my symbiosis series, and want to dig in more consistently.
Mixing different life forms is a reminder that we are all made from the same matter and all die in the end. So mutual respect is key, but life’s short, so having fun is important too.
Find my available sculptures in my shop.


Of course, there’s also the idealistic part of me that wishes to teach and inspire change.
It’s a never ending thought process to find the right subjects and the right way to talk about it. The line between preaching and teaching is so fine I sometimes make mistakes.
Right now, it’s still about the Indonesian deforestation, but it’s far from done.
I’m slowly making the pieces that will all go on the same artwork and recording every tiny bit on youtube.


So yes, that’s about it!
I have still A LOT of work in front of me to get noticed and get into galleries.
But honestly, for now, I prefer to focus on my work and will take care of the annoying aspect in a few weeks, in the hope I’ll get noticed without having to make connections I don’t have with artists I’ve never met, so they can refer my work to galleries…
Right now, my work is all over the place between surrealism and abstraction, and probably not very sellable to an art gallery. And who knows, maybe it’ll work out with the power of the internet otherwise ^^



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