Fresh Artworks


Mushroom Brooch in Rainbow Colors, Stephanie Kilgast

Colorful Jewelry

Hellooo! Today I'm very excited to share with you my latest jewelry! I have been working the last days and especially this week-end to make this small collection! I have been making cute beetle studs, cluster growth earrings and small mushroom brooches! Most of these are easily customizable, so if you would like these in a different color or shape, don't hesitate to contact me. You can buy all jewelry directly from me on my website. I very much hope ...
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Hello Sunshine 2018, Mixed Media Sculpture, Stephanie Kilgast

Hello Sunshine!

I just finished a new sculpture featuring the cutest tiniest bright yellow giraffe! The animal is emerging from a dripping bottle of cadmium yellow acrylic bottle. I had this empty bottle sitting around in my art studio for months, knowing I wanted to transform it into a sculpture. A few weeks ago I posted my pink bear sculpture on instagram, asking which animals I should sculpt next. I wrote all suggestions down and when I saw the word "giraffe", I ...
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Ahoy, 2018, Mixed Media Sculpture, Stephanie Kilgast


The sculpture is available (for now) and you can get art prints of it. Hey folks! I finished my latest sculpture "Ahoy" yesterday, what better timing than World Environment Day to talk about plastic pollution in our oceans. This sculpture uses a white plastic bottle as a base, from which corals and penguins are growing, navigating the bottle as if it where a ship. It refers to the current environmental crisis we are facing, especially plastic pollution. POLLUTION & LIFESTYLE Plastic pollution is a ...
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