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Persephone, Mantis Painting, 2018, Stephanie Kilgast


The original painting is available here, or you can get a print. The painting "Persephone" is finished! It is a stylized mantis that is half covered in growing natural shapes, mushrooms and corals. The painting is a direct result of my watercolor series "What is life? What is death?", where I mix insects with vegetation, pondering about the notion of death. When an insect dies it's carcass becomes a hub for new life. Death itself is a strange notion, having ...
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Forest, watercolor painting, Stéphanie Kilgast

Abstract Watercolor Class

Hello! Today I would like to share with you my latest Skillshare class which is about abstract watercolor. It is a very fun and easy class where I'll guide you through the very basics of blending colors, through painting shapes and composing a painting, until the actual painting. It is also a perfect way to unwind after a stressful day! I hope you like this class and if you'd like to see more watercolor classes, please let me know and ...
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Teaching at Polymer Clay Week, Pilsen

I’ll Be Teaching in Pilsen!

I am VERY excited to finally be able to share this project with you! I have been asked a few weeks ago to teach during the Polymer Week in Pilsen, in October 2018 and after some initial difficulties on my side, I decided (with the help of the organizer) to offer you these 3D versions of my beetle / mushroom paintings. My Class I have a personal preference for sculptures and am not so much into jewelry, as I hardly ...
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