Ahoy, 2018, Mixed Media Sculpture, Stephanie Kilgast
Ahoy, 2018, Mixed Media Sculpture, Stephanie Kilgast

The sculpture is available (for now) and you can get art prints of it.

Hey folks!

I finished my latest sculpture “Ahoy” yesterday, what better timing than World Environment Day to talk about plastic pollution in our oceans. This sculpture uses a white plastic bottle as a base, from which corals and penguins are growing, navigating the bottle as if it where a ship. It refers to the current environmental crisis we are facing, especially plastic pollution.


Plastic pollution is a huge issue these days, yet it’s easy to implement small changes to use a lot less plastic in our daily lives.
Here a few ideas to ponder about :

  • use reusable fabric bags when shopping, specifically ask for no bag at groceries, bakeries or even clothing shops and put everything in your own bag
  • drink tap water if you can, drink less (or no!) soft drinks
  • say no to straws when you get a drink outside
  • pick up trash in nature when you see it
  • recycle the waste you create

To go further in lessening your overall environmental impact :

  • consume less or no animal products (why, though?)
  • buy local
  • buy in bulk
  • cook from scratch and buy less (or no) prepared dishes
  • change your plastic toothbrush for a biodegradable bamboo one
  • use a menstrual cup for your menstruations
  • repair your clothes
  • buy second hand clothing if needed
  • learn about zero waste lifestyle but also vegan lifestyle

What about your art studio?

  • replace paper towels with fabric towels
  • use your trash as art supply, get creative!
  • use your supplies until the end
  • don’t throw away failures, but save them for future artworks, maybe you can paint over? or dismantle and create something new!
  • use the art supplies you have and don’t buy the same ones again (paper, I am looking at you!)

If everyone does its part, we can turn the current crisis around!


p.s.: All my recent artwork and art prints are also finally available in my shop!



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