Apidae – Wild Bees

Apidae, 2018, Watercolor on Paper, Stephanie Kilgast
Apidae, 2018, Watercolor on Paper, Stephanie Kilgast

Hello everyone!

Are studies art? I suppose it depends on how you see it. I honestly have the tendency to say no, as they lack intention, they are simply used to work towards a finished artwork. But it really depends on what the study is. If it’s an advanced composition study, then, in a way, it is art. But if you are just replicating subjects in your medium of choice? Not so sure.

Apidae | Wild Bees Studies in Watercolor

After reading the book “the history of bees” by Maja Lunde, I’m obsessed with working on bees on my next painting. (or maybe even sculpture!)
Since bees are not a subject I especially master, and also because realism and watercolor is easy when it’s over 30°C, I decided to do a few wild bee studies. I had no plan when I started, but a composition sort of happened anyway.

Since I don’t want to sell this one, as it’s a reference for my own work, I have put it up as a print on society6 or redbubble, so if you loooove bees and absolutely must have this one, get a print on S6 or RB.

I recorded most of the painting process as well, so you can view that on my youtube channel, too.
Mondays are becoming “time-lapse” days on my youtube channel, where I put up sped-up processes of my painting or sculpting with some music.

What Next?

Now I need to dive into flower studies, as I have always shied away from depicting flowers. However the painting ideas that are currently blossoming (huhu) in my head are all with flowers, so it’s time to tackle that lack of knowledge.
I also feel like studies are easy on my brain and creativity, you just have to pick subjects you like and reproduce them. I like easy right now!

I might teach a class on how to paint bees on my skillshare as well, because by now I know how to paint them without references. Maybe. I have other classes to make first and then I’ll be off on holidays, so nothing is less sure!

Hope you’re not melting away with the current heat wave!

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