Are You French? Well… just a Living Being.

Are you French? Non... Just another living being.

Bonjour 🙂

I get that question a lot “Are you French?” and it is oddly irritating so here we go.
As you all well know I mainly write in English, be it here on my blog, instagram, FB or Flickr.
I do this because I’m lazy to translate in French (yes you got that right) and also because English is the communication language of the world. So it’s easy that way.

However I’m officially part of the French people, (at least that’s what my passport says) I also happen to speak French, which is my mother tongue AND I live in France. (talk about baggage! huhu)
So whenever people discover one of the three, the eternal question arises : “Are you French?” to which I always reply…
“yes” but … half-heartedly.

See I don’t see or think myself as French.
I was born in Germany, my father is a happy mix of Polish and Belorussian but was born in Finland, my mother is a mix of French, German and Polish and was born in France.
So here I am, a melting pot of mostly European countries, hence why I used to consider myself a (gasp!) *proud* European.
It makes sense, I’m born and raised in Europe, Europe has the best breads on earth… I travelled a lot, let me tell you the rest of the world has no clue how to make proper bread, I’ve only encountered sugary brioche sold as bread. That’s not bread folks. And yes I say and mean Europe, bread is a thing here, as is cheese I might add.
But I digress.

Proudly European hmm? Well, as I mentioned, I used to see myself as that.
I just consider myself a… a… living being.

And this is not such an innocent statement.
By defining that you belong to a small group, you also say, see I’m in that group, and you automatically put a barrier between yourself and other groups.
And then you get into a logic of defending your group’s interest, or have a tendency to compare your group’s skills with other groups and might put your group over other groups.
Or you might use your group as an excuse not to do the right thing. (racism, segregation and so on, just bad stuff really)

And that’s just idiotic. If you open your eyes and your mind, you will discover equally wondrous skills, food and culture in any given proclaimed “group” and you should celebrate humankind as a whole for it’s culture and art skills and all living being for their natural beauty.
You can perfectly celebrate, live and learn about all existing cultures without proclaiming your belonging to a particular one.
And this is why you can now find real bread in other places. It slowly is conquering the world. People are discovering that good bread is just water, flour and yeast.
Bread knows no borders, you shouldn’t either.

I am a living being.
I hope you are too.


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