Artists I Love – Cute Swap with Clayful Creations

I’m a bad blogger, bad bad bad one.
I swapped with the lovely Becky from
And that before xmas (yeah I’m that bad) And I really wanted to blog about it, really. But somehow the time lacked and then the motivation… and here we are, end of Januray. Tss.

Anyway, I got the most delightful cuuuute little earrings!
As you may know I’m an earring freak, just can’t get enough of them.
And I was so delighted by the wonderful work of Becky!
So here I am, sharing with you the work of another great polymer clay artist 🙂

Of course, Becky isn’t like me, she doesn’t have only earrings in her shop!
You can find tons of beautiful cute things, from magnets, to ornaments to tiny sculptures!

She even has some cake testers! How cool is that?

Anyway I can’t encourage you enough to hop to her shop and grab everything over there!

And I’ll try to be a better blogger this year.
I promise.

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