Artists I Love – Nathan Sawaya in Shanghai


Hey Everyone 🙂

Continuing about the Shanghai trip.

Next to the mall I was exhibiting was a more classical exhibition with paying fee of the artist Nathan Sawaya.
He basically uses Lego bricks as a medium to make art. In his case, it’s a lot about expressing his feelings. His work is very personal and he often works on the struggle he faced when stopping to be a lawyer and starting a “career” (yeah not sure about that word either but you get the idea) of an artist.
He enjoys constructing humans.
And he’s sweet too. He made a dinosaur just for the kids, because he saw so many kids enjoying his work he wanted to make something special for them. Bonus : the dinosaur is pretty awesome for adults too 😀

I really enjoyed this exhbition, for one because I knew his work from the internet, and secondly because it made me thinking about my work. My work is pretty much the opposite of what he does in sense of purpose. I never really struggled. Always did what I loved most, so my art is primarly a result of what I like, colors, food, small things. But enough of me and enjoy his work 🙂

And be sure to check his website too! And if you want more info all the details on Artsy.

Nathan Sawaya




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