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Art Studio August 2015, Stéphanie Kilgats

Hey 🙂

Today a little tour in my safe place, the atelier.
It actually also is our living room and where we sometimes eat in front of tv shows. (don’t do that, you should eat at a table! ahem…)
Speaking of TV shows we started watching Mr Robot, it’s a fresh new show and season 1 isn’t even finished yet, but by all means, put it on your list. It is one of the best shows I’ve seen in a while and I am a big games of throne addict and have also loved Sherlock Holmes. (too funny huhu)
While we’re at it, I just did not enjoy True Detective at all, it was just gloom on top of gloom with a dash of depression and bad mood. Yikes. And I can’t get into House of Cards, but I’m guessing it’s mainly because I despise that part of our society. So I’m totally biased.

Anyway! Atelier!
This place with high ceilings is what pushed us to choose this particular house and it is one of the things I’m happy about daily.
Seriously when I saw this space, I was smitten. Tons of natural light and volume, exactly what I’ve always dreamed about.
I never actually made a house tour, because well, I’m not a home decorator and I tend to not clean or tidy up to often. But here a little peak at our roof and all the light that comes in.
On the picture you see an open space behind the glass and then another home. Those are our neighbors and we have our terraces back to back.

Just beneath and on the whole wall we have a big shelving unit that those before us build in. Which is great as we’re book worms.

Since there is some space, I arranged books with pieces of art. Just beneath you can see three of the rare real art I possess. One mountain sculpture by Frank Duclos, one emotion babushka “Freedom” from Artmind and next to it a tiny cat that Leslie J. Blackford just gave me 🙂
The boat is a kit JY brought from Korea and made himself, next to it is a mask I sculpted as a teen in a theater group, the abandoned kitchen is still a work in progress and I have a couple of tiny bjds in front of books.

As it is my main creative work right now, the miniature veggies are always out somehow.
I’m still rather unsure what to do with these and I have different ideas that are popping into my mind, so I’ll see how that goes 🙂

My working space itself is never tidy. I try sometimes to clean it up, but it stays nice 30 minutes tops. Unless I go on holidays and have the courage to clean up before leaving. (which, let’s just face, is rare)
You can see two tiles I’m working on and two miniature recipes in progress.
I also have too many canes that are taking dust. I need to get a new air tight container to put them aside, as all those I have are filled.
There’s also a tile-palette that I stopped bothering cleaning at some point. I used to remove the paint and throw it away every time. Nuts.

Here a peek on how I store my clay, plastic containers that are not eaten by clay (PE5) and classed by color. Some containers only have canes in them and one is dedicated to the very translucent mixes.

Finally two more pictures of my main table. Filled with boxes, drawers and general coolness.
Hope you enjoyed the trip and let me know if you want to see my not magazine worthy, yet still pretty awesome, home 🙂



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