Bee Disappearance

Bee Disappearance, 2018, Watercolor on Paper, Stephanie Kilgast
Bee Disappearance, 2018, Watercolor on Paper, Stephanie Kilgast

I finished a new watercolor painting for the wild bees series I am currently (rather loosely) working on.
You can buy it here. I hope to make nice prints of this one as well.

As you probably know, wild bees (and not just honey bees) are currently dying out. This is mostly due to our activities, that have dramatically changed the climate, but also the excessive amount of pesticides that we use for crops.
Insects are often seen as the ugly, freaky, slimy, alien little crawlers that annoy us more than anything else. But insects are much more useful to this planet than any other animals.
Thanks to them, we have earth and not just garbage all around the planet.
Flowers transform into edible fruit.
They are also a great source of food for other animals, and at the bottom of the food chain.
If they go, we loose. All of us.
Insects are key to a healthy ecosystem.
The so called “pest” actually keep a forest healthy as well, as in a healthy, biodiverse forest with many different trees and plants, they keep certain plants to overthrow others.
It is a subtle balance, that we currently just recklessly destroy.
We are all responsible, be the change you’d like to see and others will follow.
It’s never too late to extinguish a fire.


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