Bee on Concrete, 2018, Watercolor on Paper, Stephanie Kilgast
Bee on Concrete, 2018, Watercolor on Paper, Stephanie Kilgast

I finished the first painting of what might become a bigger series, but who knows?
This first painting depicts a bee on whose back are growing flowers. The background is a mixture of alcoves and cracked concrete for a… maybe a little too… dramatic setting. Of course, the underlying idea is to paint a portrait of dying wild bees, due to our reckless habits and activities. Mostly pesticides, deforestation, agriculture. And yes, these three are linked!

I am developing a healthy fascination for insects and their habitats and since reading the book “a history of bees” by Maja Lunde, I’ve been painting bees, first as a form of practice, depicting wild bees in the painting “Apidae”, and now I just want to keep going!
Honestly, I just love insects and I’m devastated at their ever growing extinction rate. Biodiversity at its core is such a wondrous beauty that I’m trying to catch in my work.


Since I… well… don’t excel at painting flowers, I actually bought some to study in details for that painting, I’m starting to get the hang of it, which means I’m starting to enjoy painting flowers, so that should be interesting in the future! I was getting a little bit bored with mushrooms, so adding a new layer should improve my work.
Below a few pictures of the flowers and my studies. Some are bad. You’ve been warned.

Print? Coloring Book?

I also put up prints and stickers up on my society6 and redbubble shop. I haven’t yet found a good local print shop for watercolors, so this is a better option for now.
On a side note, I’m starting to wonder about a coloring book. I have no clue where to start, but it’s something I’m finding myself thinking about more and more.

And of course, you can find the original painting in my online shop.


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