Beijing // Growth Sculptural Painting

Beijing, Growth, Sculptural Painting, Stéphanie Kilgast
Beijing, Growth, Sculptural Painting, Stéphanie Kilgast


Today I’d like to present my latest sculptural painting, which I named after its inspiration : Beijing.
A city which I visited not so long ago and which made a big impression on me.
Especially the colors I’ve chosen are those I’ve seen and loved on most traditional buildings. Red, blue, green and gold.
The vivid artistic scene I’ve experienced over there but also the touching roughness of the people are things I tried to express in this artwork as well, more notably in the background.

I very much hope you enjoy it!

It will be visible at my upcoming exhibition in Bordeaux at Les Vivres de L’Art.

Art Miniature, Stéphanie Kilgast
1 – 11 Décembre 2016
Vivres de L’Art
2bis rue Achard – Place Victor Raulin
33300 Bordeaux
Ⓣ Tram B : arrêt Cité des Vins ou Achard

Inspire Change & Action

I’m still pondering about making a series which will be a lot more political/inspirational, in short, I would like to encourage discussion among various social classes (especially between the intellectual liberals and the working force), but also encourage to take action to fight global warming.
So if you have any bright ideas on how to approach these important topics without being cheesy about it, I’m all ears. It’s been turning rounds in my head for months now, but it’s about time to actively do something before everything falls apart.


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