Update! + Berry Cake

Miniature Berry Cake, Stephanie Kilgast, PetitPlat

Hello Boys and Girls!

I haven’t blogged in a while and lots is happening right now, so a messy update post today!


I’ve been away for a week, hiking in the french Volcanos (sounds dangerous, right?… it’s not) and it was fun! We had a blast and we managed good. We sort of plan to go to Austria in August, in the Alps but also to see some castles. We need to plan more about that but it should be fun 🙂
If you care to have a glimpse of our hiking trip, I made a video, not the greatest, but it gives you an idea.

Conference in Paris

I’m also going to be in Paris from the 22 to the 25 June, for a short talk at a conference. Very excited about that one!
Not sure how big this is, nor if anyone is interested, but just in case :
Miniature et Gigantesque Conférence Cultureindustry 2016
I honestly can’t wait to be there, I had a phone call about this and it was already very insightful about my work in general.

Youtube Channel

Lastly, I’ve been building up my youtube channel, so here just a roundup of the last videos. I’m posting about 1-2 videos per week, it seems I’ll be able to make a sort of income from it, so I will keep doing it. It also gives me the possibility to try different things out or to make unsellable sculptures… I absolutely have to figure something out in the art department, but … I sort of hope the Paris conference and the one in Bordeaux in July will help me out a bit to figure out the whole art market. Money is so annoying.

Miniature Cake Tutorial, Stephanie Kilgast, PetitPlat Tree Bark Tutorial, Stephanie Kilgast, PetitPlat

Miniature Cookies Tutorial, Stephanie Kilgast, PetitPlat Berry Cake Tutorial, Stephanie Kilgast, PetitPlat

Also, I often put the sculpture I make in my videos up in my shop, like the berry cake for instance. Since it’s the last sculpture up for sale, I added a few extra pictures to this post.


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