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Big Family

Roger, PetitPlat Cats
Roger with his pretty nose


Today I’m coming with good news 🙂
As Puss was feeling very lonely and the house being way too calm, we decided to adopt another cat at our local shelter… and we ended up bringing home two cats.
The european black and white is called Roger, and has been abandoned by his former family, I don’t know much details about his life before, but he’s cuddly, gentle and playful.
Puss and Roger are already pals and play together and Roger often comes to sleep in my lap.

Plume is a tiny Persian cat who is coming from a breeding farm where from what we gathered she did not fit the bill as she couldn’t bear children (or maybe she wasn’t perfect enough too? not sure), she then was passed to a person who worked all day and finally abandoned to the shelter where she arrived very under weight. The person at the shelter told us she must have had a tough life so far.
She’s very cuddly too but quite fearful and still hiding most of the day. She ventures out though and is starting to trust us when we stand. (she trusts us when we are at eye level since the beginning)
Roger is a little afraid of her, and when he sees her he slightly hisses and runs away.
Puss doesn’t care much but is curious so checks on her and observes calmly.
Unfortunately she hasn’t been neutered yet (Roger is, so it’s not an immediate issue) so will have to go through surgery maybe coming week, depending on how well she adapts until then.
Otherwise she’s fine and eats with appetite and even quite a lot.

We are all a happy bunch, Puss included and the house is quite lively too, which is fun.
My mum thought we had replaced Arya very fast, but Arya is with me on my desk daily and shelter cats need love too 🙂

I’ll leave you with some pictures.

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