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Dubai | -Ing Creatives

Preparation for the Artist Market in D3, Dubai
Preparation for the Artist Market in D3, Dubai

I will be showing some of my artwork and also art prints at a small artist market in the designer district D3, in Dubai, with -Ing Creatives.
The market will be held on Thursday the 11th, Friday the 12th and Saturday the 13th of April.

Below the original artwork that I am sure to take with me.
I might decide to grab more if I have space left in my luggage.

I will have plenty of art prints with me as well.
If you happen to live in the area, come by and say hi! 🙂


Talents de Femme

Sculptures, Stéphanie Kilgast

I will be with tons of my work at a local art show here in Vannes, France this weekend.
Here some pictures on o-how the booth is going to look like.
I’ll also have plenty of framed watercolors!

If you happen to be around, come by and say hi 🙂

Je vais participer à “Talents de Femme” ce weekend, à Vannes.
Voici quelques images de comment mes sculptures vont être présentées.
Je vais également avoir beaucoup d’aquarelles encadrées.
Si vous êtes de la région, venez me voir et dîtes coucou! 🙂


Exhibition in Shanghai

Hello everyone!

Three of my sculptures are going to be exhibited in Shanghai!
It is part of the Sunny Art Prize 2018. “Ahoy” and “Poison D’Art” were finalists for that prize.
3Poison d’Art” sold so is being replaced by not one but two other sculptures, “Tropical” and “Sunrise”.
I would love to be there, it’s a city I have visited twice in the past and that I quite like, especially the food!

If you happen to live in Shanghai or nearby, don’t miss the exhibition!
I will be among other artists and the three artworks that will join them are below.



Dédale, Mural Painting, Stephanie Kilgast, 2019
Dédale, Mural Painting, Stephanie Kilgast, 2019

For a few years now I have been quite obsessed with street art and mural paintings.
Like with all obsessions, at some point, you find a way to live them out, which I did for the first time last year, when I did my very first mural paint “test” at a local spot called “Dédale“.

“Dédale” is a building with four floors. The two first are meant for public access and you have to propose a project and be accepted, the third floor is to fool around for anyone who asks. The fourth floor is called “the bunker” with art studios to try out artworks, but no pictures are allowed up there.
So that specific first mural painting I finished last winter was on the third floor where you can do whatever you want.

Now, however, I am working on a room that is going to be shown to the public in April 2019, I proposed a project and it got accepted.
Now, bear in mind, the building is going to be destroyed in 2020, so the whole artworks in all rooms are very ephemeral. And if you want to see it for yourself, you don’t have much time to make that happen once April hits! Here their official website, all in French 😀

Here some progress picture of the work so far, since I have hurt my left hand last week, I can only paint, so I have been focusing on this room for the last week.
I will probably need a good 10 full days of work on this room, once it’s done I’ll post a video and picture on the blog again!

Paris Art Show 2019

Also… the art show in Paris, “Salon d’Art Abordable” is approaching!
If you are in Paris around the 8, 9 and 10 of March, don’t miss it!


Art Shows 2019

Hey folks!

I am going to attend a few art shows and markets this year, precisely three, so here all the details you need to know.
You can always find upcoming art shows and exhibitions in my CV.

Salon D’art Abordable, Paris

I’ll have a booth at the affordable art fair in Paris, probably the one show I’m most excited about! It’s in less than a month!
19-21 Rue Boyer, 75020 Paris
Vendredi 08 mars : 14h00 à 20h30
Samedi 09 mars : 11h00 à 20h30
Dimanche 10 mars : 11h00 à 20h30

Talents de Femmes, Vannes

I will also be exhibiting locally where I live, in Vannes in an all women’s show.
Parc Chorus, Vannes
samedi 30 : 10 h à 19 h
dimanche 31 mars : 10 h à 18 h 

ING- Creatives, Dubai

Lastly, I will also be joining the creative market at the -ing creatives conferences in Dubai.
11, 12, 13 april 2019

If, for some reason, you know you’ll be attending one of these and would like to get a specific sculpture, don’ hesitate to ask and I’ll bring it with me.
Here are the sculptures I will bring with me to the Paris show and I might also bring some watercolor paintings.

On a personal note, I have cut my left hand (ouch) while trying to clean my palette with a cutter… the hand is going to need at least 4 weeks to recover. That means I won’t be able to sculpt for the next weeks and so will likely focus on painting.