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Cheerful Apocalypse

Water, Watercolor painting, 2018, Stephanie Kilgast
Water, Watercolor painting, 2018, Stephanie Kilgast

Hey folks!

New week, new artwork! This time I did a painting!

I have been wanting to paint growth on buildings for a while now, however the paper I had at home was too small for what I had in mind. So I did it like the kids and asked for a big pad of my favorite watercolor paper for Christmas! Such a joy to work on a bigger surface, I might get used to it!

Years ago, I dreamt about this exact scene, and in my dream I was wandering in the apartment just near the canal, at the bottom. When I woke up, I did sketch the scene out and wanted to materialize it as a miniature version in a drawer. I never got around to do it though.

A few weeks ago, I remembered that very scene and decided to make a quick sketch of it, and ended up doing this painting!

I wanted the man made buildings to be very graphic and minimalist. So I kept them black and white.
However, and in opposition, the nature is vibrant, lush and very colorful.

You can watch the process of this painting on my youtube channel.
And you can get the original painting from my website.



Invasive (Tiger), 2019, Mixed Media Sculpture on Tin Can, Stephanie Kilgast
Invasive (Tiger), 2019, Mixed Media Sculpture on Tin Can, Stephanie Kilgast

Third week of 2019, third sculpture of 2019.
I don’t know if I can keep this one week – one sculpture thing going, but I’ll try!

Sculpting Struggles

This tiger is also the second animal themed sculpture of the year, and I must admit… I’m not going to make another mammal anytime soon, especially of the feline kind.
This sculpture has been such a struggle!
Partly because of my own laziness and cockiness. I did not do sufficient studies of tigers before starting this sculpt, thinking I’d just manage it… somehow…
which… in a way, I did!
… but boy! I was close to giving up a couple of times! I’m glad I pulled through though, as the final sculpture ended up good.

The other issue I’ve encountered is the lack of colors I picked. I really thrive emotionally on colors and this color scheme, even though looking great, is just not satisfying for me to work on.

Lastly, I realize again and again that my current obsessions is in the small animals and natural growth. I like the profusion of many things in bright colors, so whenever I decide to tackle a central animal, it never feels quite right. It’s easier to compose, it’s challenging and interesting, it connects well with people, but deep down, I’d rather work on weird biodiverse eco-systems.


I titled this sculpture “Invasive”, as, the more I was working on it, the more I thought about invasive species that can destroy complete eco-systems. This can occur naturally of course, but one vector of this is humanity. Our activities sometimes favor certain species or we bring new species into new lands and they end up over powering the others, destroying the fragile balance of biodiversity that took years to create.

In my sculpture however the tiger and the growth seem to have found a certain symbiosis, I tend to dwell on that subtle line of tension and balance, where it’s never completely catastrophic and does work out somehow. Ya know. Hope.


As for most of my sculptures, I recorded part of it made a short video. You can view it on my youtube channel.
To see more pictures and availability of this artwork, go here.



Hope, Polar Bear Sculpture, 2018, Mixed Media, Stephanie Kilgast
Hope, Polar Bear Sculpture, 2018, Mixed Media, Stephanie Kilgast

The first sculpture of 2019 is a polar bear on an empty plastic bottle.
It sits there, while growth is developing on its back and on the bottle. While the plants or the bottle are dead, the plants which grow on it’s back are bright and rainbow colored.

The bear itself is looking up, with a faint smile on its lips.
I should know, I sculpted it.

In the middle of what is considered the next massive extinction of all living beings, this time thanks to us, it is very easy to fall into despair.
But despair, apart from being comfortable, is also completely useless.

We know each of our actions has some kind of environmental impact, so I urge you to reconsider your life and life choice and as a general rule, just consume a lot less.

To lessen your environmental impact their are many actions one can do, and although it is difficult to do them all, doing a few of these makes a different if multiplied by millions of others.

Here a non exhaustive list:

  • eat less or no meat – veg*an movement. Probably the most efficient way to reduce your environmental impact. More info about this here.
  • buy less, but better. Most of us don’t need new stuff, we just like the idea of having new things around the house. Before buying something new, consider if you really need it, if you can repair the old or buy something used before buying something new. You might also want to take into consideration if the item has been made ethically and with environmental concerns.
  • Pick the train. When travelling, and if you can, pick the train rather than the plane. Or consider travelling less.
  • Buy packaging free and in bulkZero Waste Movement. Pick your vegetables and fruit without packaging. Grab some fabric bags to carry them home. It is important that you use reusable bags for bulk. No point in using a new paper bag each time. Either invest in some lightweight fabric bags or make them yourself.
  • Have less or no kids. We are too many humans on Earth, especially in our “developed” countries we over consume everything, maybe it’s time to auto regulate.
  • Permaculture. If you own or have access to a garden, consider growing your own food and look into permaculture for that.
  • Don’t wait. The Earth and its inhabitants are dying because of us, start acting yourself, don’t expect change from the top, revolutions always start from the bottom.
  • Be kind to yourself and others. Remember, this is not a competition. It is not about being the purest, most moral and ethical person out there. Make baby steps if that works best for you or change everything overnight. Don’t expect others to be as fast and don’t hate them (or yourself) for not making enough changes.
  • Your turn! Feel free to add what I’m sure I have forgotten in the comments below.

We have the intelligence and technology to turn things around. It’s up to us and our own motivations.


Happy New Year!

Best nine 2018, Instagram @petitplat Stephanie Kilgast Artwork

Happy New Year everyone!
2018 has come and gone and 2019 is already here, how time flies!
This year has brought me the energy to try out various new mediums:
ceramics, mural painting, watercolor painting and epoxy clay.
I look forward to this new year to learn to master all these new mediums, but also learn animal anatomy.

I wish you all the very best, a creative and fun year, may you be or stay healthy and loved and may whatever you heart desires come true!


Caterpillar Obsession

Tape (Caterpillar), Watercolor painting, 2018, Stephanie Kilgast
Tape (Caterpillar), Watercolor painting, 2018, Stephanie Kilgast

Caterpillars have been appearing in my work for a while now, and especially lately in my watercolor paintings.
I’d like to go a little psycho-analytic with you today and dive into this fascination of mine for these little crawlers.


First of, and rather obviously, but they are a juvenile stage of insects.
Insects, but really arthropods, are the true rulers of this world and in a way, I am giving them a place in my art to show off. Sure, tigers or lions are more liked, but truthfully it is the little animals that are the most precious to life and a healthy eco system. Without arthropods the whole world collapses, however we can go on without most mammals. They are the basis of the food chain, but they also transform natural waste into hummus. Without insects, all the rest can’t survive.


They’re also super beautiful if you start to really look at them. I assure you!
Once you get over the fear or disgust that is so primal in humans when it comes to them, you will be rewarded with a myriad of colors and shape.
Start with butterflies, moths and beetles and work you way up!
And caterpillars? Well, technically, they’re just chubby babies and thus super cute!


Ok, bear with me. As an artist who likes to mix all kinds of weird things, (and that without taking any drugs I shall add) I really like to pick natural species with which you can easily play around with.
Caterpillars are great for that! Most of them already look like stuff is growing on their chubby little bodies, so swapping these with mushroom or anemones is easy!
Weird looking animals are the best for surrealism as the boundaries seem non existent in nature itself already. That is quite true for most arthropods to be honest!
No wonder then, that I keep going back to these.

Convinced yet? Starting to like caterpillars yourself or do they still put you off?


Here below some of the paintings I have done lately with caterpillars.
You can find them all in my shop.
For prints, you can get them on InPrnt, Society6 or Redbubble.