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Hmm, mostly boring stuff



I finished the first book from Stephenie Meyer. I’ll start the second soon. But my mood is too bad to start it yet. I should though, I think it’s the only possible way to get my brain out of my life.
I heard today from my teacher that my practice report (probably one of the most boring thing to do just after the practice itself) lacks of illustrations. That is a problem. I don’t have any illustration or graphics from my practice, because I didn’t take some. I’ve got some (very few maybe 3 or 4) drawings in a sketch book, but well… I would need to redo them in order for them to look presentable. Then, The report also lacks of text. Thats is also a problem. I don’t know what to say more. As if this would have any importance at all.

Well and then there’s still my architecture project which is in baby phase. No idea at all about its general shape let alone the structure. At least its settlement/setting up (??) is more or less done. My autocad file is still pretty empty though.
So yes we could assume that I feel pretty much down. (and I won’t tell you again how unpleased I am to live where I do)

I’m not sure how you could help me either. I just need to get rid of that here and not at home. I’m afraid my boyfriend will fall in a depression as well if I continue telling him about that.

That’s it.

Little Prep Boards for the SIMP 2009

Soooo, I really think I will have too much for the SIMP, the miniature fair in Paris on the 21st June BUT you never know, even if I’m more or less unknown in France (or at least I guess I’m unknown :D) and I really think I won’t sell much because my prices may be too high (I have no idea, maybe they’re too low as well hahaha) I still really really really want to show the most there 🙂
SO I made some more preparation boards (yes I love them, especially the cake ones 😛

Here are the pictures:

Ok I need to leave, today is a “working for school blah day”.
No minis (well at least I try haha)

I’ll show you some more SIMP stuff tomorrow!


My Creative Mess 🙂

Estella is having another great “little sister” idea! See her blogpost.
Showing our creative workspace!
In my case, it’s more or less mess a big miniature mess 🙂
But pictures say more than words 😉

yeah, I wanted to do this since sooo long!
thanks Estella!


Personal cake challenge

While I was searching for cake photos on flickr, I stumbled upon this white chocolate cake, and instantly fell in love with it!

So I did a mini version of it:

And as I needed to make a full cake first in order to have 2 slices (yes I have two slices):

Yes and while you’re all in awe and searching all my shop links where these slices could possible be, which means:
my etsy shop, my dawanda (yeah I know it’s still empty) and my website (yup I know my online shop still doesn’t exist)
I need to tell you that these are for the SIMP 2009. And IF I have some spare time (hahaha) I may make them for my shop 😀 😀

But I promise I have a beautiful porcelain plate filled with chocolates which just waits to be photographed and to go in my etsy shop 😉


Bread, Cheese and Cookies

Oh my gosh! What? Second post of the day??
Well hmm yup 😀 guess I’m not regular at all and I don’t like writing my internship report, lol!
So here some miniatures I made lately, they’re all in my etsy shop.
Did I already mention that I just love making bread? I think it’s so fun to start with clay, a pin and some pastels and to make it look like bread! Polymer clay is such an interesting and wonderful medium!

And for those who don’t have enough of me on flickr, etsy, my blog, facebook and my website (…) I’m now on DeviantArt!!! 😀 😀

See you!