Travel : Bordeaux, France

Cité du Vin, Bordeaux


So I just came back from a few art conferences in Bordeaux, I talked a bit about EuroSynergy in this blog post a few months ago, and will dive further into the subject in a future post (and video!) but for now, let’s just virtual-visit Bordeaux a bit.

Bordeaux is an old city that dates back to the VI century BC.
I haven’t read all too much about it, but there’s lots of classic buildings, the most famous probably those on the place de la bourse, facing the water mirror, that is supposed to reflect the buildings, but is mostly a great place to have fun in the water and mist.
As any french cities, there are a lot of beautiful churches and more specifically two similar looking ones.
The Saint André cathedral build in a beautiful flamboyant gothic style between the XII and XVI century and the Saint Michel basilica, same a beautiful flamboyant gothic style.
For the little note, a “cathedral” is the siege of the bishop (évèque) and a “basilica” is just a posh church that is more prestigious than all the other churches.

I met my mum there and she’s at home right now, visiting for some time. And unlike me, she checked what to visit in Bordeaux and found the Cité du Vin (the city of Wine) which is a gourd like shaped building that is actually supposed to remind of a wine glass. Once you know it, you do see it, I still think the gourd comparison is more intuitive 😀

As it was quite expensive to visit it, we contented ourselves with walking all around and going through the entry hallway.
I’m sure it is a delightful visit and probably worth the money but we did not have much time and well… it is an expensive entry.

Wine is a huge thing in France, but even more so in Bordeaux, which is THE wine city by excellence in France. I don’t like the taste of alcohol and I never forced myself to acquire the taste of it, so I’m a bit of a cultural idiot when it comes to wine, but I still know a bit about names and quality wines.

We also *loved* the surroundings, as the Cité du Vin is in the midst of an old industrial area that is being transformed in an artsy/sciency/cool/hispter kind of places. Yes I love industrial buildings, that’s my architectural background.

And as in most decayed industrial places, artists come and bring them back to life.

By sheer luck, we ventured a bit around and found an established artist working on metal, Jean-François Buisson.
He’s shaping metal in wondrous sculptures that are at the same time rough and industrial yet poetic and sensible.

He’s also the initiator of Les Vivres de l’Art, a project that offers working space and a gallery for artists so they can work and exhibit their work, in order to be able to share, discuss and eventually sell their work. It actually is a true artist residency, which is quite fantastic, as the working spot is just amazing there.

I actually was bold enough to chat with him and show my work and he told me to get back to him to eventually discuss an exhibition.
Scary and exciting, right? If something comes out of I will blog about it, obviously.

As usual in those really cool industrial areas you have a lot of street art and graffitis. I’m always drawn to the crazy colors and design.

watch the footage of bordeaux below.
Hope you’ll enjoy this short visual trip 🙂



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