Breads, Croissants, Rolls and Baguettes

I added tons of bakery items to my online shop.
Well technically “tons” is a little exaggerated.

On another note, Etsy now has shop stats (well maybe they have them a little longer but I just discovered them) and I realized with a shock than my sales are steadily dropping since March. And when I say dropping, I mean it. I hardly sell there anymore.
I’m unsure what to do about that, especially since listing and renewing on Etsy is quite expensive on the long run (and in particular when you list/renew 5-6 items per day like I do).

Of couse I don’t work a lot for Etsy, I never look at the treasuries I’m in, because it turned in so much work it’s just impossible to keep up. And frankly I get bored looking at 10 treasuries per day. So my chance on arriving on FP are now egal to 0.
Maybe it’s also because Etsy is now pretty crowded.
I really don’t know. Did you experience something similar?

That’s also why I’m listing “massively” on my own online shop right now:

Well I can’t complain that I don’t sell, I have other venues, like Dawanda, and wholesale to boutiques, but Etsy used to be my biggest venue and now it seems to be the one where I sell the less.
With almost 200 items in my shop it’s a little annoying to say the list.

And to end on a more positive note (because I’m not really down, just astonished) I went to the sea yesterday! And we ate some sandwiches, hair in the wind and sun on the skin 🙂


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