Cheerful Apocalypse

Water, Watercolor painting, 2018, Stephanie Kilgast
Water, Watercolor painting, 2018, Stephanie Kilgast

Hey folks!

New week, new artwork! This time I did a painting!

I have been wanting to paint growth on buildings for a while now, however the paper I had at home was too small for what I had in mind. So I did it like the kids and asked for a big pad of my favorite watercolor paper for Christmas! Such a joy to work on a bigger surface, I might get used to it!

Years ago, I dreamt about this exact scene, and in my dream I was wandering in the apartment just near the canal, at the bottom. When I woke up, I did sketch the scene out and wanted to materialize it as a miniature version in a drawer. I never got around to do it though.

A few weeks ago, I remembered that very scene and decided to make a quick sketch of it, and ended up doing this painting!

I wanted the man made buildings to be very graphic and minimalist. So I kept them black and white.
However, and in opposition, the nature is vibrant, lush and very colorful.

You can watch the process of this painting on my youtube channel.
And you can get the original painting from my website.


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