Cheese and Grapes

Hi Everyone!

I’m still sick. Not much but I’m still coughing and it kind of bores me.
My room is in a terrible mess because I did pretty many minis these days. I hardly have the time to arrange everything and to photograph them!
I’m also working hard on finishing my huge commissions list so I can work more quickly on new commissions 🙂

I’m still trying my luck on eBay as well, but it doesn’t work well, maybe the original bidding price is too high, but I don’t want to sell my stuff for nothing…
Today begins a 10 days cheese auction. If it doesn’t sell (which is more than probable) I’ll just put it on etsy, as always 🙂

Besides I’m very inactive in forums and such, I just don’t find the time nor the energy to read and react on others life. It’s a shame I know! I just manage to look at my fav blogs (without commenting of course… shame on me) .

Back to work, some sushi brooches and pendant…


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