Chocolate and mp3 Miniature

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Hi all!

I’m quite busy these days between holding by mood with the Twilight Saga (I’ve almost finished the second book, trying not to read the whole day through), school (still shuddering and unsure to be able to handle this), minifood jewelry, miniatures and the SIMP.

Here’s a glance at chocolates which I will expose at the SIMP. I still need to make a furniture to display them properly.

I also bought a brand new mini mp3 player. I had one, but it died (poor thing) and even if I’m not using a mp3 player daily I really like it when taking train or plane. As I will go visit my grandmother next weekend, it was quite urgent I got a new one. Anyway, it’s darn cute and little and, according to all the critics I’ve read on the Internet, the sound should be great.
I’m still waiting for my KOSS headphones to try it out (yes I’m spoiling myself, I’m aware of this)

Ok, now I’m off, I must clean up my creative mess a fill my day without thinking about twilight 🙂


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