City Skyline Jewelry

Hello 🙂

My city obsession has many forms. Next to my love of materials, I carry a love of the city as an object. And even if I’m far from satiated, I’m happy to present a city skyline collection.

This result went through a few phases of working, that I’d like to share with you.
I started the idea back in March 2013, but the result, even if lovely, wasn’t clean enough. Besides the technique was a pain to realize 😀

January 2014, I went back to this idea, with a different technique. But bleh. Just bleh, that wasn’t going to work either.

And then I stumbled upon this gorgeous picture of Amsterdam by Juan Pablo De Miguel
(which btw I’d love to own – the picture, not the guy) and it hit me, the windows need to give out light, not darkness!
And so my collection found it’s direction 🙂

gorgeous picture of Amsterdam by Juan Pablo De Miguel

So I’ve been playing around with lights and also plain buildings for the sheer joy of colors 🙂

I’ve been pondering a lot about it, if it should be sold under something else than “PetitPlat” (I had “Miniature City”in mind), or put in my shop. If I should really just take “PetitPlat” as a sort of evolving brand, or just use my name?

As an artist, my work is bound to evolve so I’m not sure how to approach that evolution yet and the evolutions I’ll face in the future.

For now I chose the easiest solution, to put everything under PetitPlat.
I changed my banner as well. What do you think? Can I sell everything under “PetitPlat”? Is that weird?

In any case, here is the collection I’ve finished and that I’m slowly listing (I forgot to photograph some pieces… duh!)
I made brooches, earrings and necklaces so far, but I really would like to make some bracelets too.
Anyway, fun start in the year, don’t you agree? 🙂








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