Climate Change is Real

Climate Change is Real, Fight for your Home, Earth
Climate Change is Real, Fight for your Home, Earth

Today, I woke up very angry.
I rarely am, but right now, the anger and frustration is just building up in me.
In case you were living under a rock, a racist, misogynistic, anti-vaccines, anti-science man who believes climate change is an hoax is now at the head of a powerful land.
A man who picked a climate skeptic to reshape climate policies.
Surely if you realize that you can’t just go on idly about your own life.
This is not about complaining, this is not about not being fair-game with the winner.
No, this is a disaster, a disaster that threatens not only the most vulnerable among us (poor, minorities, disabled, even women for crying out loud) but our very home : the planet.
They say ignorance is bliss, but ignorance is really just dangerous for all of us.

I would love to come and say “just let’s keep positive”, “love wins all” and “be nice and tolerant”.
But no, I will not tolerate a man who is so utterly against all I’m standing for and just “accept it”. I will fight harder to reduce consumption, pollution, to lessen our environmental impact but also to stop hating people that look slightly different than you for no other reason that they look different.
I believe in solidarity among humans, I believe that the weak should be helped and not mocked and I believe there’s enough wealth to share so everyone can have a decent life.
So I will not tell you not to despair, please do, please weep, cry and yell your frustration.
Get it out there, let the information sink in.
And then act.

Here a few suggestions, but please leave comments below to make the world a better, fairer place:
– invest in education. Everywhere for everyone.
– consume A LOT less, reuse, recycle
– be mindful of the energy and water you use
– eat less meat and less animal products (read about the impact of meat on the environment)
– choose green energy
– buy from local small farmer (organic if you can)
– help people in need
– stand against racism when you see it
– stand against xenophobia
– stand against homophobia
– support human rights for all humans, no matter their gender or ethnicity
– stand for the vulnerable
– spread the word

Hope dies last, so let’s keep hope alive.


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