Clouds, Dots and Stains

Abstract Study, Cats, Stéphanie Kilgast
Abstract Study, Cats, Stéphanie Kilgast

Last week, and short before 2016, I talked about the new art challenge I was taking this year, abstract studies.

It is odd how long it took me to fool around with abstract painting. Part of it probably has to do with my tendency to be a control freak, so this challenge is quite therapeutical. I really do not think when painting. I don’t care about the composition too much, I don’t sketch before. All I start with are colors I feel I want to work with and maybe a vague idea. And then I just let the brush and colors lead the way.

Don’t get me wrong, composition is crucial for good art. It’s just not my goal in this art challenge, letting go of control and stop over-thinking is.

It reminds me (warning, odd comparison) how I liked to play tetris the best. I would always make a terrible mess and then clean it up slowly.
I deliberately would fill up the space quickly and then work from there. I’m more or less working like that with my painting so far, I make stains, dots, blobs of paint and then I see if there’s a pattern somewhere or if there’s something to make out of it. Sometimes I cut out the ugly part, sometimes I paint over it. It’s like repairing the organic mess you’ve made into something pretty.

I read somewhere that art goes through 3 phases.
(I have no clue where nor who said it, Nietzche wrote about 3 phases of art, but it seems it’s more in terms of 3 phases in the live of an artist, I very much need to get into Nietzsche, but that’s another topic, isn’t it?)
Phase 1 is the concept/idea and the start, where all goes well, then you go through phase 2 which is messy and all seems to go nowhere… and finally you manage to find a coherent road again (and the road to yourself as well) in phase 3.

So there, have an idea, make a mess out of it first and repair it into something you enjoy. Tadaa!

You can follow this abstract art challenge on this dedicated tumblr.

Next blog post will be about sculpting, promise!


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