Cookie Prep Board

I did two different cookie boards, one is intend for the miniature fair in June, the other for my etsy shop.
Here’s the listing you can find in my etsy shop:

Besides that the weather is quite blah which doesn’t motivate me a lot. And I’m having a hard time living here, as I would love to be at my own home and not at my BF’ home. But life’s like that and I’m stuck until summer (counting impatiently).
I also bought a beautiful hoodie from Vaisto, which I more than love and intend to write an article about it when the weather is better so I can take a picture of me in the forest 🙂

I also played with wood trays and painted them! This came out: (oh I DIDN’T make the cute flower. As you may know, I hate making flowers 😀 :D)

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Ok, that’s it for today!
Need to get some work done!

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