Creation Process – How I Do It

Hello boys and girls!

I just replied to some questions for an interview and one of them was
“What is the process of making a piece ?”

And usually I would say, I get a food idea, do some research on google and just replicate as close to reality.
But right now? Nope, not my creation process. And my process is working really well so far, so I thought I’d share it with you.

1 – Have some “themes”

As an artist you probably have some themes you like to work on. It can be colors, or textures, or nature. Sometimes it can be something you think is great but you have no idea how to make something out of it. (in my case dragons! love them! NO idea how to transform them into something I want to do… at least not yet)

I think it’s good to take a notebook and work on those themes every now and then. Because it helps to explore ideas (even stupid ones) by drawing them onto paper (or writing them down depending what your art is).

these were the drawings for my Animal Farm dessert table

2. Do Nothing … or Everything Else

Haahaaa, now I got your attention, right? Well you have defined the themes you want to work on, that’s great, now stop thinking about them and live and enjoy your life: browse the internet, go out, go for a walk, chat with people, go see art (any art, even your kid’s art – creation is creation, no matter how good it is).
I think it’s crucial do have days in a row where you hardly work, where you just let your brain wander and wonder about the world (in whatever activity that suits you) and at some point, an idea will pop into your mind.
It might take a few months, sometimes a few weeks, but the point is you need to trust your brain to process all the virtual food you’re feeding it. Yes, nature, art, traveling, books, movies, people, all those things that you enjoy will feed your brain and it’ll work it through around your favorite themes until suddenly something tangible forms into your mind.

I like to cook, go for a walk and spent time on pinterest.

3. Wait For It

So there’s an idea, there.
What to do now?
Now you don’t do a thing.
You wait until the idea has to come out and you have a physical need to shape it into reality…

4. Go For It

Can’t hold your idea any longer?
That’s your peak, that’s your moment of action and that’s when you’re at your best.
You will get obsessed by the idea, working on it for days, weeks, months in a row until you’re satisfied.

I’m still working on my city obsession, with long pauses in between when I do other things.


Like making myself an elephant necklace after seeing one on modcloth.

And that’s how I do it.
The power of enjoying life, resting, sleeping and just looking at the world.
I hope that helps you break out of a moment of creativity down.


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