Cupcakes and Cake Brooches

Miniature Cupcake Earrings 2013, Stéphanie Kilgast
Miniature Cupcake Earrings 2013, Stéphanie Kilgast

Hey everyone!

My father stayed at our place for the past 10 days, and that was awesome, we had a wonderful time, walked a lot, ate good food and just had good time 🙂
The weather was good too, not too hot, not too cold (although now it’s starting to get cold and I’m panicking at the idea of spending yet another year in our awful cold flat where my hands are swelling because of the dropping temperature. Yeah I had to share that.)

But now it’s back to work! and I’ve been filling my stock up and making one of a kind cake brooches.
Still donuts and fruit tarts to do again. And well. New stuff 😀

Colorful Cake Brooches and a Ring
Sushi Brooch ^^
Cherry Cupcake Studs

I have the halloween miniatures I made for my book to list and I’m going to start on the Christmas items very soon 🙂
So lots of work ahead, but my motivation is at its best.

The cats seem to settle in, Arya is starting to feel safe and purring a lot more, Puss is her usual calm patient self (unless she’s attacking a ribbon, then she’s a killing machine) and she’s sleeping every night with us  
The cats make me very happy and it’s crazy how much I’m already attached to them, considering they’ve been here just a month 🙂

Also the house hunting is well… in a sort of pause. We found a house we really like but it’s too expensive for us. Well I spare you the details, but right now we’re not so sure about anything.

Hope you’re all well!
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