2018, January 3 – 31, collective exhibition at the Surreal Salon 10, Baton Rouge Gallery, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA.
2017, Dec – 2018, Jan – collective “Tomorrow’s World” at Atom Gallery in London.
2017, Dec, collective exhibition “Red 2017”, Gallery 25 N
2017, November – “Nature” Art Exhibition, Light Space and Time Art Gallery, 3rd place in 3D Art Category
2017, November – part of the participative art project “Into the Forest“, organized by artists Julie Eakes, Emily Squires Levine and Laura Tabakman, Pittsburgh PA, USA.
2017, September-October – Collective Exhibition “Sculpter Aujourd’hui”, Galerie Art’Course, Strasbourg, France.
2017, July – September – Collective Digital Online Exhibition “Les Recombinants”, Madja Edelstein-Gomez, shown at Art-o-Rama, Salon international d’art contemporain, Marseille.
2016, July – Exhibition at Galerie Freisleben, Übersee, Deutschland.
2016, December – Solo Exhibition “Art Miniature”, Les Vivres de L’Art, Bordeaux, France.
2014, September – Exhibition and teaching, Mayak Art House, Bielsko-Biala, Poland
2013, July-October – Solo Exhibition, IFC, Pudong, Shanghai, China
2012, December – Solo Exhibition, APM, Hong-Kong, China


2016 – Polymer Clay Journeys, Sage Bray
2013 – Wild Art – David Carrier and Joachim Pissarro Phaidon Edition
2013 – Self-Publication of the book “Party Food in Miniature”, a tutorial book of miniature food.
Several publications in dollhouse collector’s magazines.


2017, November – 3rd place in 3D Art Category, “Nature” Art Exhibition, Light Space and Time Art Gallery,
2017 – American Awards, 3rd, 4th and 5th place in category Sculpture
2016, june – Conference Speaker at the Culture Industry, Paris around the theme “The Miniature and Gigantic”.
2012 – Among the finalists of the French national competition “Tremplin des Créateurs”.
2010 – Among the finalists of the French national competition “Concours de Style”.
2010, March – Featured seller on Etsy.


2017, series of video tutorials for the game Best Fiends
2015, august – series of tv videos for the UK Food Network, London, UK.
2012 – Teacher at the Euro Clay Carnival 2012.
2011 – Teacher at the Polymer Clay Event in UK.
2008 – now, self employed


2007-2009 – Master in Architecture – Ecole d’Architecture de Paris La Villette, Paris
2004-2007 – Licence/Bachelor in Architecture – Ecole d’Architecture de Marne La Vallée
2003-2004 – 1st year of DEUG in Arts – Sorbonne University, Paris.
2003 – French Baccalauréat S – Lycée Victor Hugo, Frankfurt (Germany) attached to the the Academy of Strasbourg

19 july 1985 – Born in Frankfurt/Main (Germany) by a French mother and a Finnish father