DIY – Christmas Cards

Well hello you!

Soooo, Christmas is upon us in just 4 days!!! Eeek!
Maybe it’s time to make some Christmas cards!

You will need :
– various paper (at least 120 g thick)
but you can work with what you have at home (I’m guessing if you’re looking for tutorials it means you’re crafty, thus you have scrap papers at home hehe)
– silver and gold pencil
– paper punches (I used : small tree, 2 cm big round, snowflake)
again, work with what you have at home.
– envelopes (so you can ship the pretty cards to your lovely friends)

Start by cutting your base paper to the size of your envelop. If it’s a dark color, glue a white paper inside for you to write a nice message.

I drew some colorful stripes and punched them out. Drew the string and metal hook in silver and glued everything on a green background.

On a white background, I punched several round ornaments out of many colors to make a rainbow. Drew strings again.

On a dark blue base I glued some very light white paper to form a snowy mountain. Punched tiny trees from various green papers, glued them on the mountain and then drew some stars with a silver pencil.

Just a black paper and then I drew the landscape in silver. The “Joyeux Noël” comes out of a house like smoke 🙂

On a pale blue paper I glued some punched snowflakes (I had that puncher since ages and never used it before), drew a few stars in silver to make it shinier 🙂

I think all those took me about 1 hour to make. Easy and really fun!

Reporting from Berlin, yours truthfully,

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