DJ Caterpillar

DJ Caterpillar Sculpture, Stéphanie Kilgast,

I announced the Happy Bugs project about one month ago, when I started to sculpt DJ Caterpillar, I’m very happy to announce that countless of hours, countless of broken feelers, frustration, happiness, lots of fresh water and P&J sandwiches later I have finished DJ Caterpillar.
I used polymer clay for everything but 2 things : the light setup has been made with wooden skewers and the “wire” is a black slightly elastic plastic string.

I shot a few process and behind the scenes pictures :

The overall future goal is to have a filled room of dancing, happy bugs and make a stop motion movie. It is a long time goal, so I’m not really expecting a deadline. I think I’ll need a few years to have everything sculpted, since it’s taking very long and these sculptures are not my main work in my life/job.

I learned a lot sculpting DJ caterpillar and his accessories, and I love the result.
I also filmed the whole process and posted it on youtube.

There’s a 6,4 sec stop motion in the beginning and at the end of the video. That took me 3 hours to make… so I’m guessing I’ll just slowly add bits of the final stop motion movie to get a “long” 3 minutes video. I’ll see how it goes, it also very much depends on my own time and how I can manage this financially.

And here more pictures of the caterpillar DJ 🙂
I hope you love him!
What insects should I sculpt next?

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