Drinking Cans

Growth on Tin Cans, Sculptures, 2019, Stephanie Kilgast
Growth on Tin Cans, Sculptures, 2019, Stephanie Kilgast


I recently finished a new series of sculptures, this time on drinking cans that I picked up in London, while I was there to exhibit at the Other Art Fair.
The colors of each can inspired each growth that came on top of it.

Cans are extremely common nowadays, and while it’s easy to recycle them, they take a huge amount of energy (machines!) and ressources to be created. When you buy a drink in a can, you have to understand that the can is what is actually the most expensive in terms of making and ressources used than the actual drink.

I would suggest to go to bars that use a consignment system on the contenants of their drinks. This used to be the norm, but sadly isn’t anymore.
Or just become tap-water-girl like me… if tap water is drinkable where you live of course, I know, it isn’t always the case.

These sculptures are available and can be found in my shop.


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