Environmental Day 2020

Nature Doesn't Produce Trash, Ink and Watercolor Painting, Stephanie Kilgast, 2020
Nature Doesn’t Produce Trash, Ink and Watercolor Painting, Stephanie Kilgast, 2020


Next to the usual biodiversity collapse Earth is experiencing and the pandemic, racism has crept back quite viciously. Or rather, there was a tipping point where the people decided not to stay silent anymore in face of racial discrimination and absurd death. As a society we need to care about and respect everyone, no matter their origins.If we are not even able to care about our own species, how are we ever going to care about all the rest of nature?

If you’d like to read more about Black Lives Matter and understand the issues at stake, they have a great website.


But today is Environmental Day and climate change is an urgent issue.
This year theme is biodiversity, if you’d like to read more about it, here the United Nation’s website about that topic
The United Nations have also made a PDF with a lot of different ressources for you to read.

As individuals, you can change your lifestyle as following:

  • inform yourself about best environmental practices
  • buy consciously : repair before buying, buy what is necessary, buy second hand, buy ethical and check how something was made, where it was made and so on
  • eat less (or no) meat, more on that in this post I wrote
  • use your own bags when shopping
  • buy local as much as you can
  • cook from scratch and avoid industrial foods, most industrial foods are heavily packaged for little health benefits.
  • travel less and avoid planes
  • replace harsh cleaning chemicals with castille soap, baking soda and vinegar to clean your home
  • donate to conservation organizations. You can now find websites that rate charities so you’re sure to give your money to the right ones. You can use Charity Watch or Charity Navigator for instance.
    I like the charity “Conservation International” because it’s not just one part of the world. It thrives to work a bit everywhere where needed.

If you have anything to add to this list, please comment below!

Hope you are all safe and sound!

Here a video of the process of making “Nature Doesn’t Produce Trash” and talking about the subject

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