EST Challenge – “Time Flies”

Wooohooo! I won last week’s challenge, hosted by Kreativlink.
This challenge is between all EuropeanStreetTeam Members and is hosted every week by another member, the winner of the previous challenge.

This week, I decided to chose “Time Flies”, as it’s exactly how I feel almost every day!
I hope this challenge will inspire my fellow EST members!! 🙂

This challenge is until Monday the 13th, midnight.
EST members: please convo me your entries, so I can update my post!

First entry is from Artistico:

Kreativlink’s entry:

Carmenesque’s Entry and her text:
This piece took me a lot of time to create and while I’m beading the time usually flies away unnoticed. So it felt like I made it so fast, actually it took me several hours. I think this is a perfect entry from me 🙂

Fleurfatale’s entry and her text:
I made something new out of something old, an oldfashioned bag becomes a new design!

Leela’s entry and her text:
Time is something you can’t control or bind, you can’t make it go faster or slower, you just have to accept its own rhythm in every stage of your life.”

Nagajna’s entry and her text:
Time is something able to surpise me.
Sometimes it flies, sometimes it gives you wings to dream.

StarOfTheEast’s entry:

Mquin’s entry:
where have all the 60’s gone?

Swee/5StonesClub’s entry:
5 stones game is a traditional game that is somewhat lost in time… I used to play this game since I was little and till now I still do. I start this new shop to introduce (to those who are new to this) and also bring back memories of those who are familiar to this game. Time does indeed fly… & I hope to bring this tradition on to the younger generation of today.

FebystanDesigns’s entry:
TIME stops, when a kite FLIES

Kraplap’s entry:

StarOfTheEast’s 2nd entry:

Ingermaaike’s entry and her text:
This rose I would not have dreamed I would be able to make one day when I started felting for what feels like an eye blink ago. Time has flown past faster than a fly buzzing passed. In the three years that I have been felting have come such a long way and still I am learning new things every single day. This rose is the culmination of 3 years of fun and hard work and signifies all the skills I have mastered so far.

Karuski’s entry:

Vaisto’s entry:
The belief of calling nature spirits by wearing amulets has been part of human soul since the dawn of times…the Skydiver is a modern take on this theme, taking inspiration from animistic religions and Native American jewelry.”

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