Etsy Has Gone Mad

Hey everyone!

Youu might know that Etsy has gone terribly wrong these last weeks… and months.I just got a message form a very dear friend who saw her Etsy account closed.
They first e-mailed her to ask her proof that her things are handmade. She answered back and gave all the pictures she could within 24 hours. Still.
Account closed.

4 years are lost.
All her clients are lost.
All the feedback is lost.
AND Etsy was her main income.

She did handmade jewelry. You can see her work here.

I’d like to tell you that this is a first, but unfortunately it’s not.

I know of 4 artisans friends who have been investigated by Etsy to check if they were resellers. I’m talking about small shops here that have less than 50 items and are clearly handmade.

Also, recently, Etsy went so far that they featured a reseller on the front page.
And I’m afraid to tell you that they are not breaking any of their rules by doing so, because “resellers” are easily put under the term “collective”, which is (intently) very vague.

Now, this is what many of us think Etsy is doing right now:
They want to open their doors to resellers, because resellers sell a lot, thus Etsy is going to earn a lot. They even bought trunkt, a marketplace for wholesale…

So if you have an Etsy shop, please join
We are going to close our shop on the 10th of May, as a form of silent protest.

We do not want Etsy to turn into a form of eBay.
We do not want Etsy to close real handmade shops.
We do not want Etsy to keep tons and tons of resellers.
We want Etsy to stay handmade. The real handmade.

Thanks for reading.


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