Etsy, I Used To Love You, But You Ruined Everything

Hi Folks

I just received the most incredible e-mail from Etsy, and because I would like to shout my shock to the world, here exactly what was in the e-mail I got:

So Etsy is basically asking me to prove that I’m a handmade seller.
Knowing that they made me a featured seller back in 2010.
And they ask me to prove that in 5 days.
With tons of pictures and proof.

Well this just reopens some wounds I was inflicted by Etsy.
They kicked out other handmade sellers exaclty like this, so maybe I will be kicked out of Etsy too?

I am so angry right now I don’t even want to do all that stuff. I replied already with one ridiculous pic :

I know I should just shut up and do as they ask.
But for once my Etsy sales have been dropping continuously and I’ve been keeping putting money by listing stuff in that shop.
They’ve been mean and kicked out real handmade sellers out, some I know personally.
They also robbed me of a listing fee because they shut down one of my listing because the title didn’t suit a small firm. Never refunded me of that listing fee though.

And I mean, really? I made tutorials, I’m showing my working atelier in my etsy shop. I have been doing that stuff since 2008. It’s all over the web, I’m on basically any existing website and they think I’m a reseller?

I’ve been paying 4000$ in listings and commissions since the beginning to those disrespectful idiots.

And now I’m getting this.

Angry Steph


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