Etsy Update


First off, thanks for your massive support regarding that stupid etsy letter I got on Sunday.
Apparently they were content with what I send them.

BUT. I can’t help but dislike the way they email people. Receiving an email from etsy makes you feel like a random seller.
They never take the time to be personal about it and that’s the thing I dislike the most.
I’ve had issues with Dawanda too sometimes, but they always treat you as the person you are. They answer you personnaly and when you’re being sarcastic, they sometimes will snap.

Etsy? nope, always those neutral messages that they probably copy paste whenever someone passes a neutral test they randomly send to sellers.

Etsy basically doesn’t feel handmade, which bothers me.

Here just so that you understand what I mean. This is the email I send them

As you can see, it’s full of sarcasm and rants. Basically me being very angry and annoyed.
And this is the answer I got:

And this has always been like this with Etsy.
Whenever I got to send them a message and ranted about something not working or being sarcastic, they would always send those stupid neutral messages with that copy-paste feeling, and not change a thing.

Ok, so what now?

Right now I’m in the mood of letting my etsy shop die of a slow death (4 months to be precise) until every single listing there ends.
I feel like concentrating on my own webshop only and keep listing on Dawanda for extra visibility.



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