Exhibition Bordeaux

Exposition Stéphanie Kilgast, Les Vivres de l'Art, Bordeaux


I’m back from Bordeaux!
It was cold, but sunny, people came and I talked a lot about my work.
Those who came and listened seemed enthusiastic, so it was an interesting experience.

The gallery itself is very big and my artworks are very small, so instead of hanging them on the walls, where my artworks would have been lost, Jean-François Buisson, the artist in chef (and the owner of the gallery) borrowed me a metal tree he made so I could present my artwork on it.

Following a short introduction to the artworks I’ve presented at that exhibition:

Daily Mini Veggie

In 2015, I did a daily challenge where I sculpted one different fruit or vegetable everyday. The idea behind that artwork was to show the great variety of comestible plants but also to encourage people to eat more vegetables and less meat, as meat has a very high impact on the environment.
I made 233 different ones and stopped when I felt I had made my point.


After that I started a project called “symbiosis“, where I mix fauna and flora, to show how well animals and plants coexist, a balance that we humans lost with our environment.

Happy Bugs

Since all theses issues around the environment were getting to me, I started the happy bugs project where I made bugs dance. Something more fun, although always very inspired by the beauty of nature.


And since summer 2016, I have worked on sculptural paintings in a series that I called “Growth”, where I grow mushrooms and crystals on abstract backgrounds, while growing myself as an artist.

Below just a few pictures I took with my phone. (I didn’t take my camera as I travelled with a backpack and my artworks only)
In case you are around Bordeaux, here the details of the exhibition who runs through the 11th of December.

Art Miniature, Stéphanie Kilgast
1 – 11 Décembre 2016
Vivres de L’Art
2bis rue Achard – Place Victor Raulin
33300 Bordeaux
Ⓣ Tram B : arrêt Cité des Vins ou Achard


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