Exploration, Octopus Sculpture, 2018, Mixed Media, Stephanie Kilgast
Exploration, Octopus Sculpture, 2018, Mixed Media, Stephanie Kilgast


It’s been a while since I blogged!
This is simply explained by the fact that I got through a bit of a rough week, I think I am slightly overworked, but I got picked up by a new material that I finally tried out : epoxy clay!

Which means… I made a new sculpture!!!
Yaay! The last one, Cyltonic, was done… 6 weeks ago! How time flies when you work on many different projects!
Technically though, in between those two, I made another commissioned sculpture for a client, but I’ll blog about that one on another day!

So, “exploration“! What a title! It suggests grandeur, bravado, ambition!
The title refers to so many things, it is personal, as it is an exploration of this new material, epoxy clay, but the subject itself, the octopus, is exploring the plastic box and the nature that grows on it.
And it is also the exploration of symbiosis, of how in nature, animal and botanical thrive together, in balance and not in fight.

You can watch the process as a time lapse on my youtube channel

and if you’d like to know more about epoxy clay, I made this video last week

The sculpture is available in my shop, yaaaay!
However, I am currently at my mum’s place in Berlin. I know. Worst timing ever if you’re thinking about the holiday rush and so on… so if you decide to buy something, it will ship it when I can back on the 12th.
And don’t forget, I accept payment plans at no extra cost, so don’t hesitate to ask!


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