Fish!! And no chips :D

Yeeah! What a glorious day! First I manage to make my first salmon cane, I was quite afraid of it, but without reason, because it wasn’t that difficult, just looong!! Oh and It was easy because I finally have a pasta machine 🙂

AND I was on etsy’s front page 😀 😀

AND I ate burritos for dinner (yes that’s a very good point too!)

Ok so here is the image of the salmon cake before squeezing and reducing. I used Angie Scarr’s book and the photo of a real salmon.

And here is the final result along with other fish: rainbow trout, prawns and plaice.

And last but not least, all together with some cabbage and cauliflower in the back:

Ok! that’s for now!
Tomorrow I’m going to display all these on a pretty way 🙂


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