Gingerbread House Video

Miniature Gingerbread Houses, Polymer Clay Sculptures by Stephanie Kilgast, PetitPlat


I’m officially on holidays! Yaaaaaaaaay!
To celebrate this, I’ll be painting and baking Christmas cookies the coming days, I’m actually just waiting for some marzipan I ordered to try this german Lebkuchen recipe… aaah they sound delicious! And I also want to try out some of the recipes from two books I ordered, namely Vegan Christmas and Vegan Cheeses from Mari Laforêt. I have no idea if the recipes will taste nice, but the books are a real treat to the eye 🙂

But enough of my own plans! As Christmas is coming, I also finally finished a video of me sculpting a miniature gingerbread house.
As usual, not really a tutorial, but rather a time-lapse of the sculpting in action.

Speaking of which, I intend to think and plan two main things during these holidays.
Developing a Patreon channel with full in-depth tutorials! Yes!
I’ve been thinking about this for a while and the only reason I haven’t dived into that new adventure was lack of time. I absolutely need to make some tutorials video up front to evaluate the time I need and to have something when I launch the Patreon page. But if all goes well, it should launch in January, so be excited! 😀
Secondly, I need to find a good plan to improve my painting skills so I can dive into possible artistic roads with more confidence. I might consider some kind of daily challenge for next year, as I did enjoy this year daily challenge a lot. 🙂

In the mean time, have fun and happy holidays!

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