Growing Sculptures

Rainbow Growth, Sculpture, 2018, Stephanie Kilgast
Rainbow Growth, Sculpture, 2018, Stephanie Kilgast

Hey there!

Currently I am growing sculptures on tin cans.
I am at a good pace of one sculpture per week and quite enjoying the process.
Considering I am still painting insects daily and also teaching and making videos as a freelance and for youtube, I think my efficiency isn’t too shabby.

The process of these is really fun for me, as I just start with a color combo and then grow the sculpture bits by bits.
I decide on shapes and color adjustments while working, no prior sketches nor much thinking ahead is involved.
This is truly how I like to work best, letting the clay grow organically.

I have finished two so far, one is sold already, but the other one is still available.
Check availability of all my artworks here.
And I’m currently working on a vibrant orange / marine color combo that reminds me of the warmth of summer.

I also really like working with tin cans and I like using trash in my work, as a way of beautifying it and somewhat making the recycling process unique.
It also makes sense without me having to explain much, nature overgrowing trash seem to remind people of the impact of their activities on the planet, yet it is also something that looks gorgeous and that link is like an opening of hope, of how things could turn out for the better. Like a beautiful apocalypse.

What do you see in these?
What do they mean for you?

I find it interesting to see what people read into art. I believe art belongs as much to the artist than to the public.


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