Growth // Creative Burst

Creative Burst, sculptural painting, 2016
Creative Burst, sculptural painting, 2016

Put Words on your Intuition

Sometimes, it is important to stop, think and put words on what you are trying to achieve.
So I paused, accessed and realized I was not working on mushrooms, nor crystals, nor bugs (oh yes they’re coming) nor sculptural paintings. I was working on the concept of growth.
Growth of the sculpture on the canvas, but also personal creative growth and the challenges that go with it.
The doubts, the exhilarating feeling of satisfaction, the depression, the post-artwork blues, the struggles, the frustration.

To be honest, I thought about the word “opposition” too.
Full and empty, high and low, euphoric and depressed, creative and blank, confidence and doubt.
And it fits, it just doesn’t resonate as much with my intuitive work and wishes, even though it is my visual approach to my inner struggles.

And boy, do I struggle, it is too much excitement to handle, and too many doubts to wonder, so I take a day off and then I just go on, because it’s the only thing that I can do that makes sense, even though it seems meaningless at times.

Yes, I sound like any other neurotic artist…
On a more positive note : I am an artist!
What I mean is, that I finally feel it. I have forced myself to phrase that for years, but it is only now that I fully embrace it within myself. (yep, I’ve always been a little slow)

So if you doubt in your own creative journey, let the doubts creep on you for a day or two and then just get back to work, the doubts only matter if they make you pause and think so you can better get back to it.

About the painting

Mushrooms grow rapidly, they burst out of the ground after rain, very similar to my creativity that burst out without much control. The mushrooms are often growing on moss, which is here represented by the blue canvas. The blue is mainly a visual choice, close to green, but colder and more abstract, but also in stark contrast to the vibrant mushrooms. It also represents sadness and doubts, on which creativity must grow. (neurotic, much?)


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